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Do you have a story to tell and need help visualising it? Maybe you would like  to connect with your audience in a fun, and creative way?

At Cloak Theory we can help you develop your ideas into exciting, engaging pieces of content that complements your brand, campaign, or business style.

We employ live action, motion graphics, photography and emerging digital media to create stand out imagery and content. 

With over 10 years working in the field of creative and production services, Cloak Theory is experienced at designing and executing campaigns to capture the attention of your audience.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Motion graphics

Motion Graphics is the fusion of movement and design for the purpose of making kick-ass video content. 

At Cloak Theory we use a combination of live action footage, 2D and 3D animation and a multitude of other creative techniques to make things move across a screen or space. 

Our tools of the trade include After Effects, Cinema 4D, Octane Render, and a stack-load of other software that add the wow factor into your next motion graphics piece.

Video Production

Video production

One of the best ways to tell your story is through cinematic professionally shot live action videos. Not your standard production company, Cloak Theory challenges the traditional video production medium to create the best cinematic quality experience for your company. 

At Cloak Theory we are passionate about telling riveting stories through television commercials, brand films, corporate, online or social videos, documentaries, narrative and music videos; our team can handle any project from start to finish.  

Our skills include scriptwriting, storyboarding, production coordination, editing, graphics and sound design; we can do it all!

Video Production


Cloak Theory captures compelling images to help build solid connections with an audience and customers. We rely on natural light and situations to artistically capture real moments that tell your story.  

Specialising in street, social, art, and travel style photography, Cloak Theory strives to evoke emotion in each image, capturing unique details and moments-in-time for your next brand campaign or project.



The team at Cloak Theory are forward thinkers with an enthusiasm for solving problems and showcasing meaningful experiences for our clients and their audiences. 

Cloak Theory is always on, always evolving, always brainstorming, always dreaming and always pulling inspirational lightning bolts from the ether.

Using creative direction, concepting, scripting, copywriting and film direction, we craft and create ideas that will not only add value to your next project, but also help shape the way your company is remembered.


Social media video

The term “social media video” covers a lot of ground. Social videos need to be designed with purpose to be seen and shared through social networks. They should optimized for different platforms. A video that works on Instagram may need a serious edit before it can work on Facebook. 

Different ideas make content shareable, from the emotions it creates to the traditional or modern story structures it uses.

This is where Cloak Theory can help. We work with you to help create social media content that resonates with your audience and hits your objectives.

360 VR Video Production

360 VR video production

Yes, virtual reality really has landed. The quickest and easiest way to get your brand, campaign or idea into the virtual reality space, is with 360 VR video production. 

Cloak Theory deploys the latest technology including 360 live action filming and 360 animation to dream and create exciting and fresh work in this emerging media field. 

We also have the expertise to think beyond VR media creation into VR media distribution. Whether through a strategic online role out or VR activation, Cloak Theory can help.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping

Why limit design and moving images to screens and paper, when there is a world of beautiful surfaces out there? We create amazing projection mapped pieces, which are carefully wrapped around objects, buildings, natural features, and pretty much anything else we can think of. 

Make people stop in their tracks with the immense creative potential of projection mapping; for your next event or campaign, dream big.

Partnering with the latest outdoor projection companies our solutions are not just bold and bright creatively, but will physically light up the night sky.

Drone & aerials imagery

Let our expert aerial team capture your perfect image from up above, with our aerial drone and photography services.  

From tiny drones to helicopter camera mounts we make your impossible video possible – creating original and innovative aerial video and photography for your next project.  

Tell your story in a unique way that hasn’t been shown before, from high above the rooftops.

Filmed in 4K, we provide an incredibly smooth video that will both wow and stun your audience.


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